Outlast Cynicism

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If you’re looking to become an elite dental entrepreneur, I have two words for you to focus on this issue … Outlast cynicism!
As a dental student, I don’t have to tell you this. The world is full of people who wittingly or unwittingly try to bring you down. They’re everywhere, they’re relentless and they don’t tire. Let’s face it. The path of least resistance is resistance. When’s the last time you met a complainer who told you they were just too tired to complain anymore? That finding the cloud in the blue sky was just too hard? That they simply couldn’t fight the power of positivity one more day?

Whatever your personal definition of dental entrepreneur is, you will be leading a team and you will encounter more people than you’d like to believe who challenge your positive attitude. Outlasting cynicism. Of all the profound principles I’ve embraced in my 25-year career, one that Brian Kight, CEO of Focus 3, reminded me of this past week may be the most valuable.
Principle in play, the question becomes, “How?” What’s the strategy to day-in and day-out bring your best game, in spite of what people may bring you?

Step 1: Be Siri

If there’s one thing we can all count on, it’s Siri guiding us to our destination. We have to do the same as dental entrepreneurs. We have to guide our teams. We have to establish our starting point, our vision. Then we have to share it just like Siri or any other GPS. Everyone on our team has to know:

  • Where are we going?
  • Are we driving, ride-sharing or walking?
  • Are we taking the highways or the side streets?
  • Do we look for the fastest or the scenic route?

Clearly define where you’re going and how you’re getting there, and you successfully engage, educate and empower your team.

Step 2: Build an Accountability Plan

The kiss of death as an elite dental entrepreneur is having an incredible plan, sharing it and then not sticking to it. Unfortunately, it happens all too often, because most dentists want their teams to like them. So they swallow hard when people are late, they get frustrated when team members don’t do what they promise and they let it slide, hoping it doesn’t happen again. Here’s what I recommend:

  • The first time a team member doesn’t do what they have promised to do, sit down and ask them if they remember what you all, as a team, promised to do.
  • The second time it happens, sit down again and formally write up said team member.
  • The third time (and this is the hard one), they leave their keys on the table and are no longer a member of your team. Here’s my promise:
  • If you bring this accountability plan to your team on the front end, they’ll all think it’s an amazing idea.
  • If you ever do have to let a team member go, you’ll never have to do it again. Your team will know how valuable your vision and your word are to you.

Step 3: Have an Accountability Partner for You

Here’s my second promise: When we first implemented this strategy, it sounded fantastic, until we had to follow through and do it. The great news for my partner Mark and I is that we had each other to lean on. As easy as it would have been to give said teammate one more chance, we didn’t. That is incredibly important, because your team is watching! All your teammates who are trying to outlast you, and those who likely have outlasted many people in their lives just need their one moment! One time to prove that their cynicism will prevail. One time for them to know they’ll get that one more time … every time. As bad, if not worse is this: All your teammates who day in and out have been your biggest fans – all the ones who cheerlead for you – they’re watching too. And what do you believe happens when they see the cynics win? At what point do the cynics outlast them? At what point do they join them? And how much harder does your ability to stay the course get?In conclusion, if you have a partner in your biz, make a pact. If you don’t and you have a friend or a mentor, do the same. Lastly, if you want or need a mentor or a buddy to make this system sing, an accountability partner to help you outlast cynicism, just ask! Register at ignitedds.com, and I promise you, I will be that guy. Till next time …
Together We Rise!

David Rice, DDS