Take Advantage of Scripting

In Culture by Dental Entrepreneur

Whether you’re building a new practice from the ground up or taking over an established office, scripts can be instrumental in quickly raising productivity and profitability. As part of the three-step methodology (targets, systems, scripting) for creating a successful business, scripting puts your practice management planning into action. Your success as a business owner will depend to a surprising extent on getting patients (and prospective patients) to do what you want them to do. Scripting staff-patient interactions is how you accomplish this.

In the hope of making you a believer in the power of scripts now, when your career is in a formative stage, I’ve put together the following list of reasons you should become adept at using this vital business tool.

  • Producing scripts will familiarize you with the ins and outs of running a practice.

Managing any business, including a dental practice, calls for lifelong learning. Although you should strive to delegate virtually all non-clinical responsibilities, you still need to understand what’s required and make decisions, large and small, about how everything should work. By their nature, scripts are specific and result-oriented. Writing them takes you through detailed thought processes about exactly how things should be done in order to achieve the best results. You’ll gain indispensable knowledge and insights.

  • If you’re the sort of person who likes to come up with better ways to do things, you can implement your ideas through scripting.

When creating scripts, you’re constantly thinking, “What’s the best way to do this?” As an entrepreneur, you should welcome this challenge and enjoy responding to it with a smart combination of practicality and ingenuity.

  • With scripting, you can control how tasks will be handled … reducing the temptation to handle them yourself.

Are you a micro-manager? As a new dentist, you may not know this about yourself yet. It’s easy to get into the habit of taking a hands-on approach to everything that happens at the office, as well as hovering and second-guessing staff members … especially if your practice isn’t as busy as you’d like it to be. When you write scripts, you’re documenting the proper step-by-step processes that you’ve formed into systems. In a way, scripting makes staff members your surrogates. If they’re doing administrative tasks exactly as you want them done, thanks to scripts, you can devote your time to actual dentistry.

  • Scripts will help you learn the value of targets, systems and training.

From setting targets through implementation of systems to making everything work during interactions between your patients and your staff. It’s all connected. Writing scripts and training staff to use them will give you a clear understanding of what a well-run business looks like on its way to success.

  • As your practice grows, scripts will make it much easier to train new staff members.

When adding team members, you want to help them become functional fast. Role-playing with scripts enables them to learn the right way to handle all routine interactions with patients. Also, if you have a relatively small staff, scripts can be used to increase everyone’s versatility, an important factor when covering for vacations and other absences.

  • Staff members involved in developing scripts will be more motivated and conscientious in their work.

As team leader, you’ll want to learn how to increase staff engagement, participation in making improvements and commitment to practice success. Getting team members involved in preparing scripts will help accomplish these leadership objectives, in addition to improving the quality of the resulting scripts.

  • Using scripts leads directly to greater efficiency and practice growth … essential for getting your practice off the ground faster.

The original purpose of scripting remains its greatest value. By upgrading practice-patient interactions, guiding staff to say the right things and therefore get the right results, scripts can dramatically improve overall performance.


Scripts offer great value for any dental practice, but they’re especially beneficial for new dentists. If you’re laying the foundation for what you hope will be a long and prosperous career in dentistry, learn how to use scripting as quickly as possible. The rewards will be both immediate and lasting.

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